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Aadinath College of Education aims to being a marvelous change in the field of teacher education. Active, smart, well equipped teachers enriched with knowledge of all modern teaching techniques are going to be the product of Aadinath College of Education.

The College is situated amongst agricultural fields, in a serene and inspiring environment. The fresh air and surroundings make studying a refreshing experience. There is no traffic, air and sound pollution, creating a perfect ambience for academic excellence. Inside, the building is always clean and tidy, giving the students ample space to move around freely. The College has an amiable Administrative staff, who are always willing to help students in every manner. The College maintains discipline in totality. The Institute has a very close relationship with the Practice Teaching School. Since the College has very good relationship with these schools, the students get a good response everywhere. The school teachers are also very happy with the students of this college. The college has arrangements for a bus and van to assist staff and students with their commutes to the city.


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Secretary's Message

It is firmly believed that the quality of teachers in educational institutions determines the eventual quality of education. The role of colleges of education in preparing high quality teachers i.e., therefore, imperative. The teacher for the 21st century should have the ability to ensure cognitive and effective development of the students and create in them a value system which is a mixture of time tested values, nationalistic and secular traditions and scientific temper. It is an ardors task and cannot be completed without high quality teacher educators which is therefore the need of the hour.

It is gratifying to note that the Aadinath College of Education has undertaken to develop multifarious skills among the trainee teachers as well as the teacher educators. The college has taken notable strides in the direction of empowering stake holders in the use of ICTs and sharpening their communicative skills. With inclusive education in mind, the preparing of teachers for treating children with special needs has become a well regulated programme in the college. Side by side, emphasis teaching effectiveness are going hand in hand. I have not the slighter doubt that the college will continue to play its leading role in the above areas. The launch of the college website would go a long way in highlighting its multi-dimensional activities and achievements.

My best wishes to principal, teachers, staffs and students for doing a commendable task.

pradeep sir

Mr. Pradeep Jain

Our Courses


B.Ed stands for Bachelor of Education.It is a course which provides training in teaching and its related fields.B.Ed degree is mandatory for teaching in higher primary schools & high schools.The regulatory body for B.Ed in India is National Council of Teacher Education(NCTE).


D.El.Ed. stands for Diploma in Elementary Education, is a teacher training course. The NCTE has approved the Diploma in Elementary Education programme. The duration of the programme is of two years.The aim of this course is to carrying out the teaching learning process effectively at the elementary level.